A lanyard printed with a yellow sunflower, designed to be worn by people with hidden disabilities.

Hidden disabilities 21 Dec, 2022

Not all disabilities are obvious. Many people are affected by non-visible disabilities that can range from wearing a stoma bag to cognitive impairments such as dementia. CITC is keen to recognise this and help to promote a more supportive and understanding environment within the community. 

The Cards Trust has very kindly sponsored the purchase of some hidden disability lanyards that we will distribute to supporters who may have a hidden disability or are accompanied by a friend or relative at our home games and may wish to wear one. 

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyards were first introduced in 2016 at Gatwick Airport and are now widely available across transport networks and in supermarkets. If you see someone wearing one of the lanyards please be kind, be patient, give them a little more time. And to find out more about hidden disabilities please visit the Hidden Disabilities website.

Please check our website for further details and the launch date of the scheme.

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